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    Catch The Cells Your Looking For

    We make magnetic separation look easy

  • Who Are We

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    Michiel Stevens



    Michiel has worked on perfecting magnetic cell separation for years and founded FETCH-Research with the aim of bringing the power of flow-based magnetic cell separation to researchers around the world.
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    Leon Terstappen

    Scientific advisor


    The field of circulating tumor cells is where Leon has achieved his immense track-record. Here he works on the separation of only a few tumor cells from a background of millions to billions of healthy cells, so this man knows his separations.
  • What Can We Do

    We find rare cells.

    Be it from blood, lung fluid or even leukapheresis material, the FETCH separation platform allows for the enrichment of the rare cells from all of them.

    For this we offer rare cell enrichment equipment as well as enrichment, identification and single cell

    isolation services based on the FETCH separation principle. Although our main focus is on Circulating Tumor Cells, we are also familiar with the selective enrichment of other rare cells types from various bodily fluids.

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    FETCH separation system

    Catching them yourself

    The FETCH magnetic separation system allows you to take advantage of our increased sensitivity for rare cell detection at your own facility

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    Cell Enrichment Service

    We catch them for you

    Take advantage of our experience and let us perform the enrichment, identification and/or isolation for you. You just send us your samples, we do the rest.